INTAMAP interpolation of temperature in the UK using Google Earth for visualisation

The INTAMAP project is a project for development of an interoperable framework for real time automatic mapping of critical environmental variables by extending spatial statistical methods and employing open, web-based, data exchange and visualisation tools. All the methods and implementations of methods are open source and downloadable from these pages. Additionally the UncertML candidate standard for communicating uncertainty was developed. The project can be seen to consist of four parts:

If you want to test the system, a simple web page has been developed to allow users to try INTAMAP without installing anything on their computer.

As a test application, the full system has been implemented at BfS (Das Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz), where observations of gamma dose rates from across Europe are mapped in near real-time using the INTAMAP system. The data comes from the european radiological data exchange platform (EURDEP).

INTAMAP is a STREP (specific targeted research project) under FP6, (IST Call 5: IST-2005-2.5.12, ICT for Environmental Risk Management). Starting date was Sept 1, 2006 and the project finished Aug 31, 2009. The total budget was approximately 2.4 M Euro, the EC contribution approximating 1.9 M Euro.

There is also a Bulgarian translation of this page.