For a demonstration of the INTAMAP interpolation service, paste the contents of a CSV file containing observations you wish to interpolate in the box below and click 'Interpolate'. Each row in the file should represent an observation and have three or four columns: the x coordinate of the feature of interest, the y coordinate of the feature of interest, the result, and optionally the standard deviation. The CSV file should not contain a header.

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WARNING: INTAMAP does not currently support interpolation in lat/lon, however when Google Earth visualisation is enabled all observation coordinates are transformed to lat/lon. Lat/lon is then treated by INTAMAP as if they are Euclidean coordinates. This implies a rather unusual covariance function is being used, which we do not expect to be optimal, particularly for data sets which span large ranges in latitude (>30 degrees) or are near the poles. The visualisation results should be used indicatively only. Full results can be determined using the API or WPS directly.

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